As part of our mission at Global Partners in Care, we seek to educate students, partners and potential stakeholders as advocates for palliative care – in their own communities, but especially in areas of the world where resources are limited and the need is great.

We have opportunities to work in our office and with our partners located around the globe. Internships with GPIC vary and are driven by the needs of our partners. We strive to structure internships to suit the needs and interests of our partners and the intern.

Office internships

  • are based at our headquarters in Mishawaka, IN
  • offer flexible hours during the school year
  • include a broad range of experience and work including project support, research, fundraising and more!

Field internships

  • are typically summer placements
  • may be experiential or research-oriented
  • vary quite a bit depending on the needs of our partners.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to intern with Global Partners in Care, contact us for further discussion.

Global Partners in Care Interns

Ethan Harned (2022-present)

University of Notre Dame

Ethan has worked as a Global Partners in Care office intern since May 2022. He supports GPIC communications and has engaged in numerous collaborative projects with our partners. As part of his academic program, he spent three months in Uganda with the Palliative Care Association of Uganda in Summer 2023. His internship focused on how to best advocate for vulnerable populations receiving palliative care in Uganda.

Michael Vega (Summer 2023)

Saint Louis University

Michael conducted his MPH practicum work with Global Partners in Care. He spent time learning about the organization, our structure and the importance of partnerships in global health. His focus project was with the African Palliative Care Association on how disasters affect the delivery of palliative care. He conducted a needs assessment among our partners and produced a policy brief with APCA.

Lena Dougherty (Summer 2023)

University of Notre Dame

Lena worked as a GPIC office intern supported a variety of work. Given her interest and skills in disability inclusion and advocacy, she helped GPIC further our mission of making palliative care accessible by focusing on this area. She worked specifically with the Palliative Care Association of Uganda to promote their work in disability advocacy by creating tools and resources to promote awareness.

Lydia Thomas (Summer 2022)

Saint Louis University

Lydia supported  Global Partners in Care with several projects and researching and writing reports. She worked with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) to support an evaluation on the African Palliative Care Scholarship Program. She also spent a month in Uganda and supported the APCA team with preparations for their large conference, which she also attended.

Jonathan Couri (2020-2022)

University of Notre Dame

John worked as a Global Partners in Care office intern and conducted research as part of his undergraduate degree. His research, “The Difficulty of Breaking Bad News: Experiences and Perspectives of Paediatric Healthcare Workers at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi” was in collaboration with Palliative Care Support Trust, Kamuzu University of Health Sciences and University of Notre Dame.

Muhammed Khalid Saleem (2021)

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Khalid worked with the African Palliative Care Association and a Ugandan student to help build and pilot an evidence-gap map of palliative care in Africa. An Evidence Gap Map (EGM) is an interactive visual tool that can be helpful for decision-makers to know what evidence exists to inform programs and policies. And, as the name suggests, it shows where the gaps in evidence are which can be helpful for researchers and decision-makers alike to know where more investment is needed.

Jacob Fry (2019-2020)

University of Notre Dame

Jake worked as an office intern with GPIC supporting a variety of work for the organization. Much of his internship was virtual during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he helped our team provide additional outreach and support to our African partners. One of his major projects was writing a story on Dr. Bernice Catherine Harper, one of the founders of our organization.


Michelle Adeniyi (2019)

University of Notre Dame

After graduating with her master’s degree in global health, Michelle supported a few special projects for Global Partners in Care. She focused on grant research and developing assessment and support tools for ethical engagement between our partners.

Katie Higgs-Coulthard (2018-2019)

Indiana University – South Bend

Katie worked as a Global Partners in Care office intern supporting many areas of work including online research and report writing, analyzing partner feedback and developing informational resources for GPIC partners.

Lauren Griffin (2018)

University of Notre Dame

As our first Global Partners in Care office intern, Lauren supported many areas of our work including online research and report writing, analysis of partner surveys, designing partner recruitment strategy and communications and social media outreach.

Emily Mediate (Summer 2018)

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Emily worked with partners in Uganda, including the Palliative Care Association of Uganda, to assess the balance and control of access to controlled medicines in Uganda’s drug legislation and policy.

Michelle Sorenson (Summer 2018)

University of Alberta

Michelle worked in partnership with the African Palliative Care Association to conduct an organizational capacity assessment of the national Ghana Palliative Care Association in order to assess and build capacities for the growth and sustainability of the organization.