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Global Partners in Care is committed to helping build strong, sustainable partnerships that enhance hospice and palliative care globally.

Our Partnership Philosophy

We strive to facilitate partnerships that are mutually beneficial, multi-faceted and inclusive. Enhancing access to palliative care isn’t a simple issue and involving many partners from different sectors and backgrounds can significantly strengthen the outcomes. This allows stakeholders to be strategic in their approach to solving challenges – once key problems and potential solutions are identified, partners whose goals and skills are best positioned to help with this can be identified and engaged.

Ensuring there is a shared vision – and not just a one-year or one-time commitment – builds the necessary foundation for a true partnership. This ensures the opportunity to grow and leverage the skills each partner is uniquely positioned to bring to the partnership. This does not mean there is agreement on everything. Transparency and communication help partnerships move forward in a deeper, more productive way that is truly collaborative and not driven by one partner alone. A true partnership involves mutual trust and risk. All parties are investing in the relationship and sharing the risk that it might not work out. But they also are building trust in each other’s abilities and learn from each other as they engage in valuable, impactful work!

Partners engage in:

  • Strategic planning and program development
  • Technical assistance to enhance staff capacity
  • Cross cultural learning and sharing
  • Resource mobilization

Partnership Resources

We help Partners engage in a wide variety of activities to expand and improve services for those in need. Global Partners in Care:

  • Facilitates relationships between partners so they can learn from and support one other.
  • Provides individualized consultation, resources, and ongoing support for partnerships.
  • Emphasizes and educates partners on the importance of culturally and contextually appropriate palliative care.
  • Collaborates with national and international palliative care organizations to help partnerships contribute to national palliative care priorities for increased impact.