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Our Global Partners in Care staff is passionate about reducing suffering through enhancing access to hospice and palliative care worldwide. Our work is handled by a small number of core staff who ensure that our day-to-day operations advance our mission. As an affiliate of the Hospice Foundation, we are fortunate to share an engaged leadership and have access to a network of staff who all provide support to the work of Global Partners in Care.

Please contact us any time at or +1.574.367.2472.



Cyndy Searfoss
Director of Partnerships

Lacey Ahern
Program Director

Heidi Payton
Executive Assistant



Phil Newbold
Interim President/CEO

Mike Wargo
Vice President/COO

Karl Holderman
Vice President/CFO



Jim Wiskotoni
Communications Manager

Chris Taelman
Chief Development Officer

Caron Gleva
Finance Assistant

Denis Kidde
Program Coordinator

Nora Crosen
Development Assistant

Red Fisher
Events Manager