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Exploring Disaster Preparedness in Palliative Care

Michael Vega’s internship allowed for an in-person orientation at our GPIC offices in Mishawaka, Indiana, some virtual work and a one-month field experience in Uganda with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA).

GPIC Welcomes New Student Interns

Global Partners in Care recognizes advancing research and growing opportunities for learning are important aspects of enhancing access to quality palliative care worldwide.

Teaching One Reaches Multitudes

As a recipient of the Global Partners in Care and African Palliative Care Association’s African Palliative Care Education Scholarship, Anna Ayugi has been able to focus on her skill development rather than scraping together money to fund her education.

GPIC Welcomes Phil Newbold as Interim CEO

We are pleased to announce that Phil Newbold has assumed the role of interim chief executive officer of Center for Hospice Care (CHC), Hospice Foundation (HF) and Global Partners in Care.