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The Nepalese Association of Palliative Care (NAPCare) was established to create awareness about palliative care throughout the country. With the aim of promoting and providing the needy with palliative care services, NAPCare is a national association of healthcare professionals working in various fields to develop palliative care services so that no one has to die in pain and suffering. They also have various training modules of palliative care training for nurses, doctors, paramedics, and individuals involved in human resources. Additionally, the organization helps regularize the availability and accessibility of morphine in its various forms for pain management. With these tasks and more, a partnership would greatly benefit their organization, as it would allow them to learn and share models of palliative care training and other academic programming. They are seeking collaboration and best practices to work with their government to implement strategies for palliative care in Nepal. In summary, they hope to develop a long-term relationship with their partner and are eager to explore many possibilities, including one that involves piloting a student exchange / fellowship program. For more information, please visit: