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Mulanje Mission Hospital (MMH) is a health facility under the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP). They are committed to provide quality preventive, curative and palliative health care to the community. Since 2014, MMH has offered palliative care patients free basic care and hospital treatment. A model including medical, psychological and spiritual care is used and is at the heart of their mission to patients with end-stage diseases. Of the 200 patients that are in their care at any one time, 75% are HIV positive and the most common diagnosis is cancer. The hospital trains nurses and medical students in palliative care and several staff members have a BSc in palliative care. MMH also acts as a training center for other facilities.

Becoming a GPIC partner would allow MMH to continue providing free drugs and medical supplies to palliative care patients in need; to continue providing supplementary feeding to palliative care patients with malnutrition or difficult social circumstances; and to support spiritual care and home visits. They look forward to the possibility of sharing information and advice; hosting and visiting their partner; and receiving funding support for the purchase of analgesic and other medication, nutritional supplements, fuel for home visits and other basic necessities. Learn more at