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As one of the only hospice facilities in the region of Mbarara, Uganda, Mobile Hospice Mbarara (MHM) aims to bring peace to the suffering by providing and facilitating affordable and accessible palliative care to all who need it. In operation since 1998, they provide home-based, community-based, and pediatric palliative care. MHM provides holistic healthcare plans that include symptom control, counseling, and spiritual support to patients and their families. Since the organization is a site of Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU), most of their funding comes from HAU through grants and donations from private foundations. In entering a partnership, they are eager to learn about the most current palliative care practices and tools. Ranging from clinical expertise to organizational guidance, knowledge sharing is top priority for their organization. They also hope their international partner can provide financial support and engage in staff exchanges to provide expertise and volunteer help. For more information, please visit: