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Hospices of Hope has spent 30 years in developing palliative care services in southeast Europe and has been present in Moldova since 2008 when they helped establish the country’s first palliative care team. The international Hospices of Hope network branches into Romania (Hospice Casa Speranței in Brasov and Bucharest), Serbia (BELHospice in Belgrade) and Albania, and is headquartered in the UK.

Having established palliative in the capital city of Chisnau, Hospices of Hope Moldova turned its attention to supporting four palliative care teams in the more rural parts of the country where terminally ill patients find it hard to access any kind of care and often suffer unrelieved pain. They have established the National Network of Palliative Care Services – the first in the country. This network currently includes four multidisciplinary mobile teams that provide free services to palliative care patients in Orhei, Soroca, Ocnita and Taraclia.