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Growth in cultural awareness and appreciation is a result of exchange visits and crucial to the success of a partnership. A very important factor in developing strong relationships and partnerships is in-person interaction. Visiting and learning from each other is an essential part of the partnership, especially at the early stages of building relationships. To that end, partnerships may apply for a grant to fund the cost of one round trip ticket for the international partner to visit the US.

Eligibility and Deadlines

All current partners are eligible to apply if: 1) this is a first-time exchange visit, or 2) there has not been an exchange visit between the partners in 5 years or more. Application must be submitted a minimum of 3 months ahead of the planned visit.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The number of grants awarded each year is subject to the availability of funds.

Review and Award

Applications will be reviewed by the Champion Program committee. Recipients will be selected  based upon merit of the application and potential for the visit to contribute to the growth of the partnership. Recipients will be notified within 30 days of application submission.


Recipients will be required to submit a travel report (a template will be provided upon notification of the award) within 30 days of their return from the exchange visit. The report will include narrative on the activities and outcomes of the visit. The report should be submitted with the knowledge and contribution of both partners and can be submitted by either partner.

As part of this report, recipients will be required to share photos and video stories from the visit. Where possible, photos and videos with brief descriptions should be shared during the visit so we may highlight them on social media.

Application Form

Complete the online application form. You may want to review ‘Planning for an exchange visit’ in the Resource Library which provides some advice and examples for planning and setting goals for a visit. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at

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