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The Global Partnership Award is an opportunity to recognize an outstanding partnership that has gone above and beyond expectations and reflects the core values of partnership. The award winner will be selected annually by the Global Partners in Care Advisory Council.

Partnerships are only as strong as the commitment of the two organizations involved. The Global Partners in Care partnership program strives to create and support mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships between US and international hospice/palliative care programs. Our Global Partnership Award recognizes the exemplary work of one partnership that has demonstrated leadership, innovation and has significantly contributed to the sustainable development of hospice and palliative care through their Global Partners in Care partnership.

“The winners of the Global Partnership Award have shown what a tremendous impact one partnership can have. The creativity and commitment the Partnerships have made will have a lasting effect on the patients and families in developing countries needing palliative care and also to the dedicated health care workers who work tirelessly with limited resources to provide that care.”

– Mike Wargo, COO, Global Partners in Care

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Eligibility & Process

Any partnership may be nominated or can apply to be considered for the award. Nominations will be reviewed by the Advisory Council volunteers and the partners will be interviewed by at least one member of the Advisory Council on a Zoom call. The partnership will be scored during this interview and the partnership receiving the highest score will receive the award.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to determine the award recipient:

  • Successful completion of the basic partnership goals:
    • Communication between partners at least quarterly
    • Partnership exchange visits: at least once every two years (this criteria is waived during the pandemic)
    • Having an active partnership committee and staff engagement
    • Communication / updates with Global Partners in Care
    • Annual contribution of at least $5,000 annually for the international partner
    • Collaborative projects and activities
  • Community engagement beyond the two partnership organizations
  • Creativity in fundraising