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Enhancing Access to Palliative Care through Education

Partnering with universities and other research institutions to support global palliative care with research and learning opportunities is one important way Global Partners in Care enhances access to palliative care.

We do this by offering opportunities to work in our office and with our partners. Our strong network of dedicated individuals includes our partnership organizations, national associations and international organizations that facilitate meaningful learning opportunities for student interns. These internships are guided by the needs and interests of our partners, and we work to meet the needs of students as well.

Since 2018 we have had 16 students representing seven areas of study from five universities including University of Oxford, University of Notre Dame and Saint Louis University among others. They have worked with us in Mishawaka, and with our partners in Uganda, Ghana and Malawi.

Your support of our 2022 Annual Appeal will allow us to expand our internship program and make it possible for more students around the world to engage in bilateral global knowledge exchanges about palliative care. With your help, we can engage and educate the next generation of palliative care leaders.