Hospice of the Western Reserve/Helderberg Hospice Named 2018 Global Partnership Award Recipients

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Global Partners in Care has announced that its partners, Hospice of The Western Reserve (located in Cleveland, OH) and Helderberg Hospice (located in Somerset West, South Africa), are the recipients of the 2018 Global Partnership Award. The award will be presented during the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s annual Leadership and Advocacy Conference on April 15th, 2019.  

The Global Partnership Award is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of a partnership that has demonstrated core values of a true partnership: commitment to building a strong relationship, collaborative projects, staff contribution and commitment, and community outreach and involvement. The award comes with a $500 donation to the international hospice partner.

 “Hospice of the Western Reserve has shown what a tremendous impact one partnership can have in the delivery of palliative care. The long-term commitment they have made to Helderberg has made a lasting effect on the patients and families needing palliative care,” said Mark Murray, President / CEO of Global Partners in Care.

“This partnership is as important as anything we do,” noted William Finn, CEO of Hospice of the Western Reserve.
New employees receive a briefing on the partnership and the organization has named a conference room after its
South African partners.

According to Gail Sykes, CEO of Helderberg Hospice, “The visits that we have been privileged to share over the years have highlighted our similarities and shown that as long as you have a hospice heart, we speak the exactly same language. I personally was fortunate enough to be involved in the 2015 visit to Cleveland and was so impressed by the fact that all the staff members with whom we met were so welcoming and generous with sharing their time and knowledge. No request was too big or too difficult and as a result, the time spent was most informative and has proved invaluable over the intervening years. It was a very busy time with not a minute wasted but we returned home energized and ‘fed’ by the generosity of our partners across the water.”

Global Partners in Care congratulates Hospice of The Western Reserve and Helderberg Hospice for their outstanding commitment to their partnership and for making a lasting impact on palliative care in South Africa.