Zoom Update – September 2020

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For our partners that have been granted a Zoom license from Global Partners in Care, please take note of the following updates that take effect in September of 2020:

If you utilize Zoom Schedulers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, or Outlook plug-ins), we will be enhancing these tools to help your transition in utilzing Passcodes and / or Waiting Rooms.

What is changing? Any Outlook Integrations, Browser extensions for Google calendar, and your Client Scheduler.

What is staying the same? The way your Web Portal scheduler behaves, as well as any third-party schedulers that you may utilize.

When? September 20th, 2020 for the Client Scheduler, Outlook Plug-in/Add-in. September 22nd, 2020 for the Browser extensions for Google calendar (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

How? After these dates, the schedulers will always reflect the user’s settings in Zoom Web Portal for each new meeting scheduled. If a user changes a specific setting, it will only take effect for that scheduled meeting. Future scheduled meetings will default the settings to what is seen in the user’s Web Portal. Note that for the Browser extensions for Google calendar, only the Passcode and Waiting Room settings will follow this logic. The rest of the settings will still follow the values defined locally from the scheduler.