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Step 2: Engage Staff and Volunteers

A successful partnership depends on the enthusiastic engagement of your entire hospice palliative care organization. Strive to have your partnership become an integral part of your organization and engage all of your staff and volunteers.

Here are some tips for engaging staff and volunteers within your organization:

  • Be inclusive. Involve staff from across all organizational departments and program areas, as well as your volunteers. Encourage staff and volunteers to be involved with your activities for your partner so they’re actively engaged in helping raise donations that expand the capacity to provide services and care.
  • Communicate often. Work with organizational leadership to include regular partnership updates in staff and volunteer meetings, and at meetings of the board of directors.
  • Communicate broadly. Share updates about the partnership and its activities to staff and supporters. Include stories about your partner in newsletters, email blasts, social media, and other communications.

Communication resources available from Global Partners in Care include:

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90% of partnership contributions go directly to your partner organization