Step 9. Track and Share Your Success

Tracking your activities, events and fundraising is essential for documenting the power and impact of your partnership.  Every time you can point to tangible evidence of your success, you increase your chance of generating more resources.  Funders, partners, underwriters, individual contributors all want to know that their contributions and efforts are going to make a difference.

Information on your activities and the outcomes can help:

  • Attract more people to become involved with your partnership - People are more eager to work on projects that are making a visible difference.
  • Attract funding - Individuals and grant makers (large and small) want to know that you have a track record of hard work and results.
  • Get publicity with the media - Reporters are looking for a good story, a “hook” and concrete information about the impact of your work.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness - Capture the lessons learned from every activity

Here are some specific information and resources for tracking and evaluating your partnership activities and events:  

Global Partners in Care Annual Partner Survey

In addition to your ongoing tracking of partnership activities, Global Partners in Care requires both U.S. and international partners to complete an annual survey at the beginning of each calendar year.  This survey is designed to obtain pertinent information about your hospice/palliative care program and your experience with your partner.   Your participation and completion of the survey is crucial for our evaluation, reporting and continued quality improvement of our partnership program. The results of the survey highlight and detail the partnership’s accomplishments each year which are published in our impact reports, website and e-newsletters. 

Here are samples to use for your ongoing tracking and evaluation:

Share Your Success

The accomplishments also offer opportunities to remind staff, community members, and other stakeholders about the importance of this work — and about the positive impact the partnership is having on the lives of people coping with life-threatening illness.

  • Use your successes as the basis for outreach to inform your community about the partnership and its impact. Share information about major events, activities, and accomplishments to promote awareness about the partnership, foster support for its goals, and build relationships with important stakeholders.
  • Social media is a great way to share success stories and partnership accomplishments. Update your Facebook page regularly with information about your (and your partner’s) accomplishments and the benefits in people’s lives. Also, connect with Global Partner in Care’s Facebook and Twitter
  • Use photos to tell the story; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Use photos in your print materials, and on-line on your website and other venues. When you “tag” individuals, groups, or organizations on social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) the images have an even bigger reach. Post pictures from exchange trips with your partner, your events, and scenes from a day in the life of a palliative care worker. Pictures of people help make your organization more personal, and encourage others to get involved in supporting your work.
  • Send your Stories to Global Partners in Care! To submit your story, email the text (up to 800 words) plus any photographs and/or videos to Include your name, address, and work telephone number, so we can follow up as needed. Photographs should be high-resolution and saved in JPG format. Submission of your stories and photographs gives Global Partners in Care copyright permission to use them for publication, online and/or in print. (We reserve the right to edit all pieces and regret that we cannot publish everything we receive.)

If you have any questions, please contact our office at