Step 5: Implement Activities

The strategic plan can provide a guide to implementing your partnership activities which can take many forms. As with the strategic plan, your partnership activities need to involve both partners to build on the partnership's strengths, capacities, and needs.

While fundraising for your partner is a core activity, both partners can also engage in many other activities to mutually support one another. The partnership can create opportunities for reciprocal exchanges through which both organizations learn from each other.

This section focuses on the following potential partnership activities:

Technical Assistance

There are huge variations in how hospice and palliative care organizations function in the U.S. and other countries. Nonetheless, your organization is likely to have technical or subject matter experts who can provide content knowledge, skills, advice, and/or other forms of technical assistance to your international partner organization.

While you will want to identify and help address your partner's specific needs, here are some general ideas:

  • Help your partner research the latest information on hospice and palliative care subjects.
  • Sponsor membership for your partner’s staff in professional organizations so they can access up-to-date information about advances in the field.
  • Provide education for health workers and/or specific disciplines in your partner organization’s broader community (such as a workshop on palliative care for nurses or social workers).
  • Sponsor staff at your partner organization to attend trainings or conferences held by their local and/or regional colleagues.
  • Help your partner’s staff to gain access to research materials and databases so partners can stay informed about the latest treatment research and educational materials.
  • Visit the Global Partners in Care website’s “Education” section, which lists upcoming international trainings, courses, conferences, scholarships, and other opportunities that may be of interest to you and/or your international partner’s organization.
  • Note that Global Partners in Care has scholarship opportunities for both nurses and social workers. 

Collaborative Projects

Working together on joint projects is a great way to strengthen your partnership. Suggested projects that other partnerships have engaged in include:

  • Media campaigns: Engage the media to help educate the public in both communities about palliative care issues and publicize the partnership’s efforts.
  • Advocacy: Hold information sessions with local government representatives in your and your partner's communities.
  • Community Events: Conduct synchronized events with the same type of activity occurring in both partner locations.
  • Social Media / Communication: Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and/or listserv of individuals who are interested in the partnership so they can connect and share information with one another.

Visits Between Partners

No matter how much you communicate with your partner via Skype, email, or phone, a visit between representatives of the partner organizations can take your relationship to new heights. Such exchanges keep the relationship dynamic and lead to long-term personal relationships based on enhanced familiarity and trust.

Below are tips for both visits to the U.S. partner by the international organization, and visits by U.S. organization to the international Partners. [create subpage and link with info below]

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